Mercesトート Brown

¥ 62,640 税込

商品コード: OL-015


・セントルイス製 丈夫なイングリッシュ・ブライドル・レザーのストラップ
・ミネソタ製 キズ防止加工を施したオイル・タンド・レザー
・寸法: 40cm x 38cm x 16cm

Because we believe that functional and sleek should go hand in hand, we created Merces, our line of everyday handbags. The Tote is larger and has a shorter handle. Our unique interior pocket design provides ample space for all your small objects and leaves room for bigger things.

Durable English bridle leather straps from St. Louis, MO.
Scratch proof oil tanned leather from Minnesota
Internal and external sleeve
Dimensions: 16" x 15" x 6" / 40cm x 38cm x 16cm